D.E.A.L Breakers.


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Morning guys! How’s it going? I’ve just had an omelet for breakfast and I’m soon heading for the gym to complete my 35 km goal of this week! I feel VERY up for exercising at the moment so I might even add a little run before we have breakfast at the Ritz at 9 tomorrow morning! YYEEEYYY!!! It’s going to be one of those P.E.R.F.E.C.T lazy days. HUGE breakfast! Then strolling around doinggodknowswhat and then going home and changing and getting ready for a lovely dinner out! GOOD DAY huh?

Anyways. So. Topic of the day is DEALBREAKERS! We ALL have them right?! Or maybe it’s just me, but I have several.

Numero uno is the classic Socks in Sandals. Does anybody DO that anymore? I fuckin’ hope not as I can assure you (speaking to all men out there), it is NOT, repeat NOT, attractive! I don’t care if you get blisters without them. Wear plasters or something, anything, just no socks in sandals please. Stop this visual pollution! NOW! OK?! HEAR ME?!

Numero deux (sorry for speaking spench aka spanish and french) ….isss……drumroooll please. PIERCINGS! I have a MASSIVE dislike for men with piercings. Especially eyebrow piercings. So please don’t get one. Now this is where my boyfriend and I disagree massively. He HAD one when I met him. I simply told him that I thought it looked horrible on him so he removed it. Now he claims. “Nonononono I removed it because I got sick of it or something” Afraid to admit the truth are we Nigel? Ha! MEN! Anyways. Apart from ear piercings so that you can wear gorgeous earrings…I just think it’s a waste of money. Simple as!

{Yes Nigel….the piercings really ADD to her look RIGHT?!?!?}

Number three is men who are like this:


Now. Over to number FOUR. Smmmmoookkkeerrrsssss. That gets a big fat NO from me. Firstly, I don’t want to date anybody who will potentially die 20 years before me. And I would also prefer it if my boyfriend wasn’t smelly and didn’t make my clothes smell. Cigars every ones in a while is OK. But smoking to me personally is a big fat no. Hate the smell, Hate what it does to the body, just generally HATE IT. Also. It’s very expensive which means that he will have less money to spend on me. Which is not good in ANY way! So just QUIT!

Number five. LAST BUT NOT LEAST IS…….GOLDEN CHAINS! I HATE them! HATE HATE HATE them! I think they are simply hideous! WHY? WHY? WHY? Would you do that to yourself. It doesn’t make you G or snoopdogg mmkay? This is what you look like…

….to put it mildly. It AINT good! I’m sure MidLifeRocks. But you ain’t rocking looking like that! So just DONT DO IT! Sell the chain and buy a lovely girl a drink instead (who will be interested in you WITHOUT the chain!).

So guys. There’s my little list for you. I do have plenty more where that come from! I have been selective from birth. Simple as! Anyways. I now want to know what makes you give certain men a big fat NO?  

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Bag of the week, month..ehh…life?!


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Birkin from Chic & Seek.

I WANT THIS BAG! NOW! Nigel, Dad, Brother, anybody who loves me who have 10 000 pounds to spare? Hmm…Think realistic Guro…..It ain’t happening, at least not anytime soon. Maybe one day! For now as I’m writing to you I have lowcarb meringues chillin’ in the oven and they’ll hopefully be done soon! Then I’m going to combine them with some mascarpone chesese, whipped cream & lemon. Oooor maybe I’ll buy some raspberries?…and some chocolates? Who knows! Have a good one guys!

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Hey guys! I’ve just gotten back from the gym! So far I have run 27 km this week and I have 8 km left tomorrow to reach my weekly goal! Should be fine! Anyhow. For those who didn’t read yesterday I have made some lifestyle changes and I want to see what will happen. In Norway now there’s this huge fuzz about the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle so I thought I would try it out. Actually it became such a HUGE trend that Norway ran out of butter – literally! I remember I was in England and I thought it was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! Haha! Silly Norwegians, with the exception of me, Of Course! (I Hope!)

Anyways. Here’s my first meal as an LCHF’eeerrrr….I’m not such if it is so high on fat, but there ain’t no carbs in there!

I simply used: Salmon, Broccoli, Green Beans, Mascarpone Cheese & Lemon.

What I did was to simply oven bake the salmon, boil the vegetables, mix lemon with the mascarpone cheese (as a sauce) and that’s pretty much it! Oh and don’t forget to put some pepper and lemon on the salmon!

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Jacket & Top by Acne, Jeans by The Black Orchid, Boots by Won Hundred and Necklace by River Island.

Good Morning lovelies! It’s Wednesday already! My favorite day of the week and already I’ve done 18 km on the treadmill and I’m ready for another session. I feel I have been a bit retarded lately. Do you remember the giveaway? I managed NOT to include the US or European sizing so the lucky winner, Essentjewels, did not fit the heels. How can I assume the entire world is British? I don’t know. But I just did. I’m so sorry for being such a retard and I hope you can forgive me!

Anyways you guys. I know that the start of July is a bit of a weird time to make lifestyle changes. However, I’ve decided to make one! From now on I am on a low card diet. For me this will mean no bread, rice, pasta, sugar and all of the other easy carbohydrates. I’ll tell you more about what you can & cannot eat on such a diet and include my first receipt tomorrow! Stay tuned! Have a good Tuesday!

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10 Tips to Workout Motivation!


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Good Morning lovelies!

I’ve just got back from the first run of the week! I’m very happy as I ran 10 km! That puts me in a good position to meet my weekly goal of 35 km! Me and exercise go hand in hand, I can’t remember any period in my life when I have gone very long without doing some sort of exercise. I generally manage to keep my motivation at a reasonable high level and I know a lot of people find this difficult so I’d like to share with you some of my tips to keep up my motivation:

1. Have something to look forward to

Even if I don’t have much to look forward to I pretend I do. Seriously! I’ll pretend that I NEED to dress up to go for that coffee date and that I NEED to look good when I’m dressed up! Who say’s your favorite party dress or heels can’t be pulled out during daytime? Maybe you’re going shopping? Maybe you’re going for a birthday dinner! Whatever it is: pick out your outfit and say to yourself: I NEED to look good in this! Personally looking good for me is ALL down to how i FEEL about myself. If I haven’t worked out for a week then I probably don’t look any different, but I don’t feel as good as I normally do. How do you feel & look good? By exercising! Simple as!

2. It’s for your health!

Let’s say that you now think: It’s all about appearance? No. Far from the truth. I must admit that when I found out that my mother’s father had bowl cancer, my mother’s sister had uterus cancer and finally my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer I got scared. But we can’t walk around being scared all day can we?! All we can do is simply our best for our health & happiness! And for me, exercise is the main thing that makes me feel good about myself! Also. What’s the point of living if you can’t feel alive? Using your body and challenging yourself are vital parts of improving your life quality, so why not invest in this?!

3. Start on Monday

I know a lot of people H.A.T.E Mondays. BUT it is the beginning of the work and workout week! What do you want to gain this week? Think about and write it down and do it! My tip is NOT to wait until  Tuesday or Wednesday because then it becomes a lot harder to fit in all the sessions and easier to make up excuses! For all you know this could be the best week of your life? You never know what’s going to happen . But you do hold the power to shape it the way you want!

4. Change your attitude

– Try not to think that exercising is a drag – think rather that this is something you are doing because your body needs it.
– Think about what working out does for your body and that it improves you general health.
– Try to exercise during your lunch hour or in the morning. Then it’s over and done with and you can enjoy your evening!
– Think about all the energy exercising gives you!
– Think how much you’ll benefit from exercising when you’re older or when you’re pregnant.
– If you have a family think about that you are the role model and try to be healthy not just for yourself, but also for the sake of the family!
– You can’t say that you don’t HAVE time. You simply need to TAKE it!

5. Reward yourself

Have you worked out hard one week and meet all of you goals? Well then, go to the cinema. Indulge in a bit of chocolate! Do what you like to do! It’s important to reward yourself when you’ve reached your goals!

6. Set yourself goals

What do you want to do? Lose weight and look good in a bikini? Run a marathon? Do a triathlon? My previous goals have been to stay fit for the half marathon in New York or to look good for my Italy holiday. Now that’s over I want to feel good about myself when I go to Tokyo as I’m meeting a lot of new people! There’s ALWAYS things to look forward to – set yourself goals according to what you want to achieve and stick to them!

7. Find a exercise form that works for you!

Personally I don’t like to go to classes as I don’t like to go to the gym according to anybody’s schedule than my own. But I do love the treadmill. Me and Mr Treadmill are very good friends and we have been for several years now. If you like swimming then swim. If you like running – then RUN! But whatever you do, make sure it is a sustainable exercise form for you!

8. Listen to varied music!

I often update my iPod with new music for exercising as I find that increases my motivation a lot! I think music is a great motivational factor in general – find the music you like to exercise to!

9. Get a workout buddy or personal trainer

If you’re struggling a lot with starting your own exercise regime then ask a friend with better motivation if you can gym together! Set yourself a goal of how often you want to work out together, maybe it’s once a week or twice? No matter how many times it is it’s getting you started which is the most important thing!

10. Keep track of your sessions

To meet your goals you can upkeep a diary of your weight, measurements, km or whatever that works for you! I just keep it in my head how many km I have done and how much I have left to do in order to meet my goals. But again, find a way that works for you so that you will meet your goals!

I hope you’ve found this motivational and inspirational. Now to those of you who are STILL sitting in front on the TV. COME ON! GO WORKOUT!




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Came across these breathtaking photos today. I just came back from a lovely Thai lunch and going to the gym in a bit. I’ll post more about exercise tonight. Wishing you all a lovely afternoon!


{Source & more information on how they were made visit here}

P.A.R.K. Life


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Bikini by H&M.

Good Morning! These photos were taken a while back here in London when the weather was awesome! Miss those days. Weather prediction for today: Thunder & Storm! Not Ideal! One of the great things about London for me is that I literally live 1 minute away from Hyde Park and 15 min from Regent’s Park. I L.O.V.E the park life during the weekend! Anyhow. Something random happened last night. I ran into one of my good friends from Boarding School in Norway. It was SO weird. She knows I live here, but she thought I had gone home to Norway for the summer holiday, so she didn’t contact me. I simply walked into a random pub on my street last night and there she was! SO RANDOM! Anyhow! Tonight I’m going for a party with her and I’m very excited as I haven’t seen her in a year! She’s hilarious so this will be fun! Have a lovely Thursday all!

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London: I L.O.V.E You!


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Simple As! I love this place! I only have 5 weeks left here before I fly off to Norway and then to Tokyo to do my exchange semester there! I’m excited! I’m lacking inspiration at the moment, but hopefully it will be back soon!


Lip Clutch: Hot or Not?!


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Hey guys! Gym done! I only did 5.5 km. I haven’t exercised properly since before Italy so it’s tough to get into the routine again, but I’ll get there! I was thinking I could blog a bit more about exercise in the future if anyone’s interested? Anyhow. I’ve been surfing around on eBay faaaaar too much for my own good recently and I’ve picked up an addiction for unique clutches. Ever since I saw Andy from Style Scrapbook here, I have loved the idea of a lip clutch! I found this one here on eBay last night and I’m debating whether or not to buy it (and which colour I should get). What do you think?! To buy or not to buy?