Hello Everyone! My name is Guro Stuan. I’m a Norwegian currently studying Business Administration at the University of Bath in England. I’m currently living in London, however I’m going on exchange to Tokyo in the fall! I’ll stay there for one semester until I return to England & Bath to finish my degree! After that…who knows?! Nothing is certain, but I’m very interested in the prospect of wedding planning!

One of my New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to start a blog for all of my loved ones across the North Sea. I enjoy traveling, excessive shopping, elderflower pressé, trips to Paris and being with friends and family. If you want to get to know me further have a look at 98 Random Facts About Me.

Life is so short, it should be lived to the fullest every day!


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  1. I just wanted to pop by and say I really dig your style!

  2. Hi, I saw your post with the photos and thought you were a model! Gorgeous sense of style…now I want to go shopping at Zara and buy that silvery blazer :). Why study business admin??? Have you ever checked out Looklet.com? I got addicted to the site.

  3. adamleone01 said:

    Nice little urban blog! And great fashion sense! not sure I should be admitting that being a man!

  4. Thank you so much guys! Why I study Business Administration? Simple. How else will I afford all the gorgeous shoes this world has to offer? On top of that, it is actually a bit interesting from time to time! I have never been to looklet.com, will check it out soon! X

    • Hey Guro,

      I admire your style and taste..

      I couldn’t agree more with “How else will I afford all the gorgeous shoes this world has to offer?”..


      -May ART be with you.

    • What do you use your degree for? What do you do for work? If I can ask…

      • Well currently I am still studying. At the moment, as part of my degree, I am doing a placement in London within IMS Health which is the worlds largest consultancy firm for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. X

  5. Love your pics – really love the shoes!

  6. your blog is awesome and so is your style : )

  7. Love your Blog!

    Have a fab day!

  8. You have a fantastic blog!! A professional feel to it…as if flipping through a magazine.

  9. Hi there,

    Wow! Gorgeous shoes. Great style!

  10. Like!! Like!!!

  11. Thank you so much guys! You’re making my week! X

  12. Nice site!

  13. I started a blog for the same reason. Now it’s writing me.

  14. Hi Guro,

    I certainly enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more of it.


  15. nice smile u have there

  16. Lovely blog!

  17. I love that photo of the shoe on the man’s head. I saw that editorial in a magazine and simply loved it. It makes me laugh out loud.

  18. wisherdreams said:

    love your blog! 🙂

  19. Hey Guro, I really like the layout of your blog, the shoes were an excellent choice. 🙂

  20. I agree that your pre-Valentine’s Day post makes me want to buy that Zara blazer with the silver threads in it too! Glad you’re on my radar!!

  21. mllekarensofie said:

    Hiya! I think your blog is awesome, you’ve got great style!:)

  22. You have a lovely blog! I can’t wait to see more!

  23. nKsignature said:

    Hi Guro! One of my resolutions for 2012 was to start a new blog as well and I hope to draw inspiration from you! I lived in london as well and I miss it so much! Looking forward to seeing for londontown posts!! Besos! NkS

  24. HI Guro. I used to live near Lancaster Road tube when I first lived in London – a long time ago. There are several mews fairly close to Paddington, and I lived in a flat in one of those for a while. Great to be so close to Hyde Park, especially in spring!

  25. Your blog is great, and I have added it to my “follow” list.

  26. I LOVE the shoes!

  27. Jack Brewis said:

    Hello Guro Stuan!

    “Life is so short, it should be lived to the fullest every day!”

    Well, yes, for sure. Somehow (and it has taken me forever to realise this) there can be no other way. You have a lovely site and I look forward to perusing through your content; rich and clean. Lovely. Take it easy.

  28. Guro
    Fab blog!
    Your titles are so fun & catchy – love it!
    I have a great friend who lives near Bath, seems like all the cool kids converse around there!


  29. Hi Guro, I like your blog — Ray

  30. Love your style and your blog is really lovely!

  31. Am loving what I see on your blog so far 🙂

  32. Your blog is so up my alley. wish I had all day to shop, dress sharp and visit the hot spots (not that I’m saying you do). You have great taste and you obviously like food that tastes great!

  33. I like your blog!!! 😉

  34. Oh I just love the posts about travel and restaurants in that area – and definitely your sense of style too. Nicely done 🙂

  35. Following!!!! perhaps i can live vicariously through you because i miss London SOOO much! Where abouts are you in this photo above??

  36. I enjoy reading your blog. Your pictures are great!

  37. You should seriously consider using your Bath MBA skills to open a shoe factory 🙂

  38. Guro,
    I must say, you have a very elegant sense of style. Shoes, chocolate, tea, Paris, I love it all.

  39. nativesunphotography said:

    I like your pictures and it is so interesting you live in Norway, I live in Canada.

    • Thank you! However, I don’t live in Norway at the moment. I live in London! But when I am finished with my consultancy placement here (which will be at the end of July) then I will go back to Norway so I can show you what Norway is like. Its fabulous! X

      • nativesunphotography said:

        I like the pictures of other places, I like to see how other people live because I cannot go there. What kind of camera do you use?

      • I use a Canon EOS 400D. I would definitely recommend it, it’s very good if you don’t want a camera which is too big! X

      • nativesunphotography said:

        I use a Olympus E-520. Keep in touch, if you ever in Canada come visit me 🙂

  40. Nice blog you have here.

  41. Hi Guro Stuan,

    Good luck in your studies, and your new ventures in life.

    God Bless,


  42. Beautiful!
    And so is your blog. 🙂

  43. Hi – i’ve just nominated you for ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’ – it’s posted on my blog. thank you for your lovely blog. x

  44. anshulrautela said:

    I really enjoyed your blog… Keep visiting!


  45. like you I have an obsession for shoes. And why not – Shoes are like Art – to be enjoyed and wondered. Nice blog thanks.

  46. Just dropped by to say hello. Have been to Bath just once, a life time and a half ago 😆

  47. Love the Louboutins!

  48. Chocolate and Raspberries have always been my favorite. Your take on things is refreshing and original. I even took your Chicago (the Musical) Report and expanded on it on my Word Press website. http://wp.me/pT8Qm-4EK

  49. Wow, you’re an active blogger! I love your blog ❤

  50. Hi Guro! Love your style! Beautiful pictures!

  51. i recommend your blog to my wife.

  52. Nice blog I like 😉

  53. rechellefriend said:

    Beautiful! What a great reason to start a blog 🙂

  54. Love your Chocolates and Raspberries. My 1st post was Cherries, Chocolate and Wine. Have a wonderful day in merry, ole England!

  55. I’m so glad you’re loving my city (NY) which I no longer live in, but will alway be mine. Hope you get to try some of the amazing restaurants. Congrats on the half marathon.

  56. Love those shoes. Cool site.

  57. I like your blog!

  58. i just stopped by to check out your blog and I love it!

  59. Your shoes make me swoon!

  60. Having taken a look at your blog (which is quite lovely) I am curious as to why a beautiful, world-traveling, intelligent, style-setting individual like you would visit the blog of a homespun grandfatherly type like moi, whose universe consists of a 35 foot recreational vehicle in Northern CA and a casita in Baja Sur. But thanks for checking in on me occasionally, and I will be sure to reciprocate. You are easy on this old geezer’s eyes (American slang for “you’re beautiful”). Carry on living life to the fullest and sharing with us.

  61. camillabehrens said:

    Love your blog 🙂

  62. oh girl with the fab footwear!

  63. did anyone ever tell you that you look charming :’)

  64. Beautiful site, blog and interesting posts! I am looking forward to more! Happy Day!

  65. you have a gorgeous blog! I’m signing up. Right. Now.


  66. I have been looking over your blog, and everything looks pretty awesome!

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  68. Great blog you’ve got here! Happy travels 🙂

  69. I love the title of your blog, two of my favourite foods!

  70. Glad you liked the curry dish!
    Happy travels.

  71. Looked through your blog…I dig it!

  72. Geek Soul Brother said:

    Hey Guro, I love your stylish blog. Beautiful job sister.

  73. emilianocaballero said:

    Lovely country Norway, I’ve lived in Oslo two years ago, and i felt in love with that place…is great!



  74. Fresh from my desk... said:

    Love your motto! Happy travels.

  75. inspiredhealthcoach said:

    What amazing photos and how gorgeous you are!!

    life IS so short and I do life it to the fullest.


  76. Hi Guro!! I agree with you – live life to the fullest every day! Good luck with your studies 🙂

  77. Live it! 🙂

  78. parentingalive said:

    Nice to “meet” you! I look forward to connecting more!

  79. wonderful blog, can’t wait to read through your posts..:) cheers

  80. I agree, Life should be lived to the fullest!

  81. I checked out your blog and have to say, it’s absolutely fabulous! I hope you’ll check out my blog in the future! Thanks again!

  82. Hey Guro! I agree that shoes are important! I’m looking foward to reading your posts.

  83. Hi,

    You definitely have style, and then some!

    Thank you for liking my post, Wernerius Inyoensis, Conrado Marrero And “Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses.”

    Best of luck in your studies!


  84. It seems your unique style speaks volumes.

  85. Elderflower presse is wonderful. I look forward to your endeavors and adventures.

  86. Dear Guro,

    Interesting blog; I like that you appreciate off-beat things (referring to your recent post Smart and Pretty).


  87. Very elegant blog!

  88. Your have a great site!

  89. Hey, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my recent blog about my abstract painting now licensed as a throw pillow: S’mores Milk Chocolate! Don’t Eat The Pillow! “Chocolate & Raspberries” I see why my blog caught your attention! lol 😀

  90. hi! thanks for dropping by and “liking” my post. it’s nice to think someone as fabulous as you and your life is has appreciated what i had to say. : )

  91. By the way, love your idea of using a book shelf for a shoe rack! kewl idea! 😀

  92. Very interesting site. Love the Mini guide. Thanks for stopping by mine. 🙂

  93. Anonymous said:

    Wow! This is a wonderful blog!

  94. I like your style, I like your profile information, your likes, your attitude. The only thing I admit makes me a little sad is that you make me lonesome for my family in Norway and for visiting England!! 🙂 But I can tell I’ll enjoy visiting around your blog.

  95. Hi Guro,
    Next time you’re in Paris, if you’d like to go on a treasure hunt at the Louvre, you know where to find me!
    Hope it’s sunny in Bath (a lovely place to be, by the way).
    Kind regards,
    Daisy de Plume

  96. DrMadolite said:

    Yo, takk for at du likte blogposten min, Guro. Jeg ser at jeg kan lære mye bra av blogsiten din også. I’m not copying anything though, I swear. 😀


  97. Hei! Takk for at du besøker min hjemmeside. Jeg er glad du også like “Tierce de Picardie”!
    Jeg liker bloggen din mye. Tittelen er kjempebra – jeg elsker sjokolade * og * bringebær 🙂
    Back to what I’m more comfortable in : English!!! Haha.
    I would love to go to New York one day so I’m sure to read your ‘review’ on the city in much detail. But before then I’d loooove to visit the infamous Norwegian fjords. So any posts on the fjords would be hugely appreciated. No pressure 😉

  98. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I love yours! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  99. JA Leonard said:

    Funny how blogs connect very different people… Thanks for visiting, you have got some creative style. I wear Carhartts and flannel shirts and swing a chainsaw and hang out in the woods. Good stuff. Be well!

  100. GailWrites said:

    I studied Business Administration too – it opens doors throughout your life. Good move and good luck!

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  102. writelane said:

    Hi Guro!
    By the way, I LOVE that black hat in your picture!
    Good luck in the marathon! Cindy

  103. The photos of New York City are awesome!

  104. D.J. Lutz said:

    Your blog is very well done. Love the photos and the layout. I’m subscribing!

  105. We find your blog to be a refreshing stroll through a great city and presneted with………style.

  106. Thanks for the like on my sketches. Good tip on Lombardi’s, by the way!

  107. Seems you and I have the same 2012 resolution. And I will be travelling to Paris for the first time in April. I can only imagine that I will love it as well. Happy blogging!

  108. just wanted to stop by and thank you for supporting the blog! no matter how small the gesture. I luv the blog, your style is superb!

  109. You go girl

  110. Hey, Guro . . . You’re lucky to be studying in Bath. It’s one of my favorite towns.

    Love the hat!



  111. Hey, thanks for stopping by on our blog, so glad we have found yours! Cute pictures and really nice city streets and fashion mix. We were in Bath recently and my pictures of the cathedral accidentally led to us being Fressly Pressed which was nice! Bath is beautiful. We will be back! : )


  112. Hey Guro, it’s cool you dropped by my site! you have a nice style and I look forward to your posts:)


  113. Hi,

    I just wanna say thank you for liking some of my posts! I really appreciate it! =)
    Your blog is really great, I have read some of the posts and all of them are beautifully written! Thanks again!

  114. Hi Guro Stuan – from Cozy Cottage Farm in Upstate, New York. Enjoy your time in Bath, England. Thanks for liking my Blog. I like yours too. Mary Rita Scott

  115. Thanks for visiting my blog! Never mind killer eyes, look at those killer heels! Enjoy Bath. It’s a lovely city.


  116. You are darling and the blog is fantastic. Too cool for me but I have passed on the link to my two fashion forward daughters!

  117. ciao guro, thank you for your comment, next time I will be in N.Y.C i will call you for a pizza at lombardi’s and next time you will be in Milano, please feel free to contact me. have a nice day. ciao.

  118. Thanks for following us. We are liking your blog too, very suave!

  119. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post
    Like your style and will follow 😉

  120. juliedegruchyeast said:

    Beautiful girl and beautiful writing. Enjoy Bath. I have just moved to Gloucestershire, I live in Winchcombe. Get over this way, enjoy the Cotswold surroundings. The countryside is SO beautiful here! Mind you, You are a Norwegian lass and it’s VERY lovely there!

    Julo. x

  121. Thanks for reading and liking my blog. Yours is fun, unusual, and beautiful.

  122. Thanks for stopping by my page 🙂

  123. Thanks a lot for liking the photographs of the early morning in the park. It was a bright but foggy Sunday here..I suppose the fog adds character to the photos.
    I noticed you didn’t have many items on interior accessories on your blog, this is what my blog is about. It would be nice to blog communicate when we have similar items.
    Keep up your gorgeous blog site. Pamelaxx

  124. hi I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs – yours are so much more elegant!!! I love Bath – it is a beautiful city. I envy you. The deserts of UAE and Saudi Arabia don’t have the same panache!
    Did you read the two first chapters? I Let’s hope they soon get published.
    Gerry xx

  125. i’ve nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award, if you wish to take this award check my post for the “rules”:

  126. you’d love the shoe scene in BKK….thx for stopping by and liking my musings.

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    Great blog!!

  128. ninjaraiden said:

    Hello! I stumbled across this blog by chance, isn’t that always the way, and it seems really interesting! A new and very classy perspective of the world 😀

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  131. camillagullits said:

    Hi – thank you so much for stopping by my blog – and for your like! It means a lot to me trying to build a new brand with it’s ups and downs – I really like your style, and I’m sure you will get lots and lots of nice shoes 😉 Keep in touch! (Norge et af mine farvorit steder at holde ferie – I har det smukkeste sprog.)

  132. Wonderful! I look forward to following your blog!

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    Looking forward to more interactions in the future.


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  140. Thanks for the like on my recent post on food+art+music+comedy=awesome! I appreciate it. Couldn’t agree more that life is indeed short and should be lived to the fullest every day… Congrats on launching your blog! Cheers, PK (@pkknewby)

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  144. i too admire the eyewear/footwear
    stay well/take care

  145. Nice Blog! xx

  146. calihurder said:

    Wicked crazy footwear there lady. “Stylin'” we’d say here in the states.

  147. Adriana Soto said:

    Hey, I recently started my own blog and saw you liked one of my posts. Thanks for the support. I really like yours and started following via Bloglovin. I’ll hope to keep on reading more. Take care!

  148. Very pretty. 🙂

  149. Hello, Guro. Thanks for the “like” on my Mean Little Pucker post. I love your blog! Love your fashion sense!

  150. Thanks for liking my post 🙂
    Nice blog you have!

  151. emilianocaballero said:

  152. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by us, glad you liked 😀 Love your blog – and your shoe collection!!

  153. Jueseppi B. said:

    My, you are gorgeous in the hat. Ciao Bella

  154. Do you like death metal?

  155. Such a lovely blog. And am so excited to see you’re from Norway. My sister lives there with her son. We miss her so much in South Africa. Will be following your blog with interest!
    Thanks for the visit!

  156. Smashing blog! And am so excited to read you’re from Norway. My sister lives there with her son. We miss her so much here in South Africa.
    I’ll be following your stylish blog with interest. And thanks for visiting mine.

  157. Love checking in on this blog everyday! I absolutely love, love, love the style and images!!!

  158. Hello Guro!

    I had the same exact resolution! Great blog, I’m looking forward to future posts!

  159. Thanks for liking a recent post of mine! I loved being greeted by shoes when I clicked on the link to your page. Strangly enough, I have spent lots of time drawing and painting shoes but have only posted a few so far on my blog! I’ll follow you from here! Thanks again for the like and hope you visit again soon!

  160. I’m loving your blog & it’s great to see another blogger who is getting their education in business. Just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work!
    Ivory of Too Dreamy

  161. Guro, I just wanted to pop in and thank you. You have been one of the most consistent “likers” of posts on my blog and I wanted to let you know I’ve noticed and appreciate your support. Maybe in another life I could ask you for some fashion sense because you surely have it but as a kitchen-hound living in sub-tropical Florida I spend most of my days in shorts, tank tops and (gasp!) Crocs and socks, lol! 🙂

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    Very glad you visited my blog and with a “like” even… I notice your blog very nice, compliments. I think i’ll give a look to your new posts from time to time, hopeful you can rivisit mine too… hugs… tony

  163. Interesting stuff. I hope your friends love being able to catch up with you.

  164. Very nice site!

  165. Thank you for reading — and liking — something I posted today. I’m honored.

    And congratulations on your recent marathon. I’ve ridden a bike thousands of miles, but I can’t imagine ever even trying to run a marathon.


  166. Aside from the fact that I love your outlook on life, my other favourite thing about your blog is the title… Every time i read it it makes me hungry for some Chocolate and some Rasberries!

    And thanks for liking some of my posts, it’s really weird – but really flattering! – thinking that someone is actually reading it, you know?


  167. Thank you for dropping by my blog and taking time to look around. Thank you for the likes also. 🙂

    And by the way, your blog is amazing! 🙂

  168. bbrouwer said:

    great blog; eclectic and fun! thanks for the like -bill b

  169. Awesome blog!

    Wow – a half-marathon. What an achievement. Well done!

    Cheers. Kim*


  170. Hi Guro,
    Thanks for ‘liking’ my post this morning – much appreciated. It brought me to your blog which is lovely. And so are you!

    Best wishes,
    Gaga Lady (aka Berna).

  171. Hi! Thx for liking my TOMS Giveaway post. My sister lives in Bath! 🙂

  172. Hello! I’m so happy you stopped by my blog, and I am very happy to be inspired by yours. Have a great day!

  173. Most of your outfits are amazing! I wanted to like a few but couldnt locate a button possibly cause I am a newbie and still learning 🙂

  174. Beautiful warm pic and I would like to say that I have problems from today to get into your site and I don’t know why ???

  175. Hi Guro,

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog! You have a great blog and I am super excited to start reading it. I love your style. Great inspiration!!

    Thought I would just tell you a bit about my wedding planning. I did a 6 month internship with a wedding planner a few summers ago and really got thrown into the grunt work of the business. I then actually went back to school for an event management certificate, which helped me to learn so much about all sides of the business. But in all honesty it really came down to meeting the right people. It is all about networking and going out and meeting people. Meet lots of people in the industry is really the best advice I can give you! Let me know if you ever want more advice all about it!

    Can’t wait to keep reading your blog!

    • Hi Jill,

      I hope you are well.

      I was wondering how you went about getting the first wedding planning internship? I am extremely intrigued and interested in the industry. I am currently doing a very good degree within business, however, I am a very creative person so ideally I would like to combine my business with my creative side. If you get what I mean? Have you worked with any companies in London who you think I could potentially ask? Or do you have any contacts in England?

      I appreciate greatly any help you can give me!


      • Hi Guro,
        I understand the wanting to combine the business and creativity. It is so much fun to have a creative outlet and also get paid for it! To get my wedding planning internship, since I live in Denver, I literally found a website that had all the event planners in Denver and started calling them and telling them what I was looking for. I called about 40 different planners and go a few interviews, but ended up interning with the first person I called. It was great experience and will really let you know if the business is for you or not. Unfortunately, I have not worked or don’t know of any companies in England. I have only worked for planners in Colorado. Sorry I am not much help there. Please do let me know if you have more questions about anything!

  176. Greetings, Guru. Thanks for visiting my blog (God’s Healing Plants) and for your support and encouragement. You have a great blog yourself. Blessings.

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  178. What a beautiful blog! 🙂

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    Hi 🙂 I hope you’re having a nice day.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award, kindly follow this link:
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  180. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post! I love the pictures you took of easter style decoration. And it is indeed hard getting back to work after a long weekend fun filled weekend 🙂


  181. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my little space on the interweb! Great to have visitors check it out!! Have a super day!

  182. You have taken some amazing photographs. Thank you for checking out my latest post. I will look forward to following yours. ; ^ )

  183. Thanks for the like on my blog Guro. I’ll be checking back to see what you’ve been up to…

  184. Thank you so much for the “like”, Guro. Very nice to “meet” you!


  185. hey, you know anyone who might be interested in buying some original art? I’m selling at 50% off or best offer. trying to raise rent by end of today 4-11-12 😀

  186. I’d really like your blog and I’ll be following you!!

    Love, Marga

  187. My Tropical Home said:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your interests with the rest of the world. You have inspired me to continue blogging. I wish you all the best!

    Best regards,

  188. Hello! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me a like. I like the layout and “feel” of your blog, although I don’t share your love of shoes. Of course being a man, if I did, I’d probably get beat up a lot. 🙂

    Happy Trails!

  189. Natalie Gerber said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog… love what you’re up too. I will be back to see more of what’s going on here ❤

  190. Guro – thanks for liking one of my posts. I’m honored, especially after checking out your fabulous blog! I need all the style help I can get, so I’ll be back regularly. 🙂

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    Hi! Thank you so much for liking two of my blog posts on UniQ-Eco! Really enjoyed reading your posts, they are so great! 🙂

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    Thank you so much for visiting my site! I love yours and I am going to be a new follower! 🙂

  194. Thanks for visiting my place today. I really like your blog!

    Aroo, Stuart

  195. Thanks so much for the visit. I love new visitors for the simple reason they become new places I can travel to. Your blog is wonderful.

  196. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is gorgeous! Makes me want to shoe shop!

  197. Fun blog! I enjoyed perusing. My grandparents were from Norway, so I appreciate all of the Nordic influences in your blog! You have quite an array of shoes and stylish accessories! I will certainly return again!
    Ps: Thanks for visiting my blog!

  198. Thanks for the Like on my recent post about Aquascutum; much appreciated!

    Good blog you have here, by the way. The theme suits the photo-heavy format very nicely.

  199. Wow! your blog is bursting with energy. Its great – I love it – even though I am not that interested in fashion or shoes – I am an instant fan.

  200. Allen.R.Allen said:

    I enjoy your style! keep it up!

  201. Hi there, Thanks for visiting G’day Canucks and learning about Vegemite.
    Great site you have here. I really like your fashion info…. Nic

  202. you are gahorgeous my dear. when I get my flat in Paris one day you are totally invited. ♥

  203. I love your blog i wouldn’t know where to start….:))) LOVE IT!

  204. My goodness – i thought you were a fashion model. Unfortunately, I don’t ever look as well-dressed as you do. If my socks match, I figure I’m good to go. Very nice fashion photos.

  205. Miss Feebs said:

    I love your blog! Just nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award…details can be found here: http://www.iwantgreatthings.co.uk/2012/04/reader-appreciation-award/.
    Look forward to reading your future posts!

  206. Beautiful lady, lovely hat and pretty dress. Love it.

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    What an awesome blog you have!!! 🙂

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    Looking at your posts, an observation and a of couple questions come to mind.

    You have a very distinct stylistic voice. It’s a very skillful dance between sensible, daring, and bold. I’m not really into fashion, but I am an artist and I see artisistic expression in what you do. I was just wondering where it comes from. Is there a particular thing that got you into fashion? Is it just the love? And have you ever thought about being a stylist or designer (if that’s not what you already do)?

    P.S. I’d also be interested to see your take on men’s fashion if the opportunity ever presents itself (and if any of the men in your life are brazen enough to step in front of the camera once they’ve been “Ken-dolled” up). 🙂

    At any rate, great blog! See you in the ‘sphere.’

  209. Hello there,

    Thank you for a lovely comment! To be honest with you there is nothing in particular that got me into fashion. That said, fashion is very important to be as I feel it is the only way I express my creativity. I can’t draw or paint or do anything else creative to save my own life! However, I feel I can at least display a decent fashion sense! I have never thought of being a stylist or a designer and even though I love fashion, a career within the industry has never been appealing to me.

    My take on men’s fashion is very simplistic, but I’ll see if I can’t persuade any of the men in my life to pose! Would be good entertainment for me!

    Have a lovely evening!


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    But hey, thanks for liking us. We’ll visit your blog again and I’ll make sure Bruce doesn’t start harassing you, he can be so infantile.

    Bruce of The Two Bruces

    • Ha! I love your blog, it’s hilarious! Have you considered adding the Shark from Finding Nemo to your infamours list? I’m pretty sure he’s yet another famous Bruce! X

      • We were but two sharks named Bruce in this particular blog and entry might lead people to believe we’re lawyers. On this one very rare occasion, restraint won out. We’ll try not to let it happen again.

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