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Hey guys! WHATSUUUPP?!?!?! Guess what?! I’m in Japan! It’s sooooooo different to home! Gosh! I’ve been busy! Finally finding the time and the energy (heavily jet lagged) so give you an update. Anyways. As I was saying, it is literally ludacris here. And they LOVE they’re healthy foods; there’s green tea liqueur, green tea ice cream, green tea yoghurt. Damn. No wonder they’re all so skinny. Which they truly are. In the UK I’m considered skinny/normal. Here I’m VERY curvylicious! Oh well…I guess they can tell by my face that I ain’t from Asia…obviously! Anyhow. As soon as we arrived we took the train to Kyoto. Lovely “little” city in Japan. It only has 1.5 million inhabitants and yes, it is considered “little”. Which is huge to me as the capital of Norway inhabits roughly 500 000 people! But oh well! Here’s a picture spread of my couple of days…..

It’s so unique and different here. Today we visited the Hiroshima Memorial Museum & Park. Fantastic place! The Japanese are extremely accurate and efficient! I’m very impressed! Tomorrow we’re leaving Kyoto to go and stay at one of the Onsen Towns here in Japan. This is a sort of SPA place with hot springs. I’m very excited! Hope you guys are having an awesome time back at home!

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