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Hey guys. How’s it going? No I haven’t suffered a silent (or loud) death. However, I HAVE been suffering from a lack of time due to the constant preparations before Japan. And by preparations I mean spending a week with my boyfriend before I leave, packing, moving, sorting out visa etc. Boring stuff, apart from the spending time with my boyfriend though! He’s going to Canada whilst I’ll be in Tokyo. Why did we ever make THAT stupid decision? Why couldn’t we first go TOGETHER to Tokyo and then to Canada. Argh. I hate stupid me. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Tokyo to embark on yet another adventure in my life! I’ve already sorted out a room (with a walk in closet!!!!) I’m eeeexxxcccciiiitttteeeedddd! Anyhow. On the verge of passing out now! Have a good one lovelies!

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