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Bag and Heels by Michael Kors, Dress by Asos and accessories by Topshop & Vintage.

GOOOOD MORNING! Or afternoon or whatever! GOD! I have ben superduperbusy! Since we last spoke I have ended my placement with IMS Health, had several nights out, packed and now I’m in Norway for a week! A week! I mean seriously?! I haven’t seen my friends and everybody since forever, but it’s all the time I have. So ever since I came back yesterday I have been seeing friends & family non stop! It’s going to be like this until next wednesday when I go to London yet again to see the Proms and some other things. Then I will return to Norway again and then on the 24th of August I’m leaving for Tokyo! Gosh! Busy times! Anyways. I’m in a rush now, I have a friend coming over and I’m supposed to cook for her. Haven’t started yet! Anyways. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when the weather was impeccable in London. I hope you understand my lack of blogging! Have a lovely wednesday everything and don’t forget to watch the Olympics! Team GB is owning at the moment!

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