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Happy Monday Everybody! How was your weekend? My highlight occurred on Saturday, but more about that in a sec! The weekend started on Friday evening with a lovely family & friends dinner at Zizzi (for a chain it’s very good pizza!). Then on Saturday morning I went for a run in Hyde Park and took the train to Sevenoaks where we decided to go to Bluewater. My boyfriend’s family got 3 iPads and I got a two tops and a new pair of jeans! I felt a bit outdone shopping wise (rarely happens!), but oh well! On Sunday we went golfing and generally chilled. So yes. A L.O.V.E.L.Y weekend! Anyways. Back to the highlight on Saturday. So I was at London Bridge Station getting tickets to go to Sevenoaks when two lovely girls stopped me and told me they loved & read my blog! That put a huge smile on my face which lasted the entire weekend! You were the first to recognize me! I was stunned! Anyways. I just wanted to thank you readers who made my face go from….

….aka….not good…to


Anyways. I’m heading for the gym soon! Going for a big session today! Have a good one everybody!

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