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GOOD MORNING! How are you? This morning I have been fighting with company after company. Don’t you just HATE it when they say “It’s all stated in your terms & conditions”? Fuck off. Nobody reads the terms & conditions anyway. Ahhhhhh. God I hate companies. I do. I swear. The other day I wanted to cancel my O2 (phone) contract as I’m leaving for Tokyo and won’t need it when I’m down there. So. I called them up and simply asked to cancel making it effective on the 23rd of August and got the following response:

– You need to cancel giving us at least 30 days notification.
Me: Well it’s the 5th of July today so that’s more then 30 days until I need the cancellation. Could you cancel this or do I have to speak to somebody else?
– Why are you leaving us? (he also expressed his sadness for me, his most valued customer leaving….blaahhhhhhhhh….what COMPLETE utter BULLSHIT!)
Me: Because I am going to Tokyo.
– When are you going to Tokyo? (Why the fuck do you need to know?)
Me: Mid August.
– Oh ok. I will cancel it for you then. Are you sure you don’t want to change over to pay as you go instead.
Me: (On the verge of bursting into flames) No.

Jeeeeeeeeeezus Christ! They could have made that SO much easier. But. NO! Not possible. Did I mention that I had to be transferred TWICE before this conversation occurred and explain what I wanted to do!! Argh! Insurance companies are the WORST though. BUT. I will have a rant at those another time. I believe I have made my point now!

Anyways. On to something more joyful! SHOES! ME LOVE SHOES! Seriously. I am obsessed with shoes. These are some of my favorite babies, however, I have more (Yes, I’m obsessed!)….

I believe my favorite pair of them ALL are my Dior feather heels. They are literally me in shoe: CC: Crazy & Chic. Anyways. Which ones are your favorite? Do any of you guys use Photoshop and then convert it into a JPEG format so that you can upload it to your WordPress blog? I do. And I find that it damages the quality severely, any ideas on how to fix that? 

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