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Morning guys! How’s it going? I’ve just had an omelet for breakfast and I’m soon heading for the gym to complete my 35 km goal of this week! I feel VERY up for exercising at the moment so I might even add a little run before we have breakfast at the Ritz at 9 tomorrow morning! YYEEEYYY!!! It’s going to be one of those P.E.R.F.E.C.T lazy days. HUGE breakfast! Then strolling around doinggodknowswhat and then going home and changing and getting ready for a lovely dinner out! GOOD DAY huh?

Anyways. So. Topic of the day is DEALBREAKERS! We ALL have them right?! Or maybe it’s just me, but I have several.

Numero uno is the classic Socks in Sandals. Does anybody DO that anymore? I fuckin’ hope not as I can assure you (speaking to all men out there), it is NOT, repeat NOT, attractive! I don’t care if you get blisters without them. Wear plasters or something, anything, just no socks in sandals please. Stop this visual pollution! NOW! OK?! HEAR ME?!

Numero deux (sorry for speaking spench aka spanish and french) ….isss……drumroooll please. PIERCINGS! I have a MASSIVE dislike for men with piercings. Especially eyebrow piercings. So please don’t get one. Now this is where my boyfriend and I disagree massively. He HAD one when I met him. I simply told him that I thought it looked horrible on him so he removed it. Now he claims. “Nonononono I removed it because I got sick of it or something” Afraid to admit the truth are we Nigel? Ha! MEN! Anyways. Apart from ear piercings so that you can wear gorgeous earrings…I just think it’s a waste of money. Simple as!

{Yes Nigel….the piercings really ADD to her look RIGHT?!?!?}

Number three is men who are like this:


Now. Over to number FOUR. Smmmmoookkkeerrrsssss. That gets a big fat NO from me. Firstly, I don’t want to date anybody who will potentially die 20 years before me. And I would also prefer it if my boyfriend wasn’t smelly and didn’t make my clothes smell. Cigars every ones in a while is OK. But smoking to me personally is a big fat no. Hate the smell, Hate what it does to the body, just generally HATE IT. Also. It’s very expensive which means that he will have less money to spend on me. Which is not good in ANY way! So just QUIT!

Number five. LAST BUT NOT LEAST IS…….GOLDEN CHAINS! I HATE them! HATE HATE HATE them! I think they are simply hideous! WHY? WHY? WHY? Would you do that to yourself. It doesn’t make you G or snoopdogg mmkay? This is what you look like…

….to put it mildly. It AINT good! I’m sure MidLifeRocks. But you ain’t rocking looking like that! So just DONT DO IT! Sell the chain and buy a lovely girl a drink instead (who will be interested in you WITHOUT the chain!).

So guys. There’s my little list for you. I do have plenty more where that come from! I have been selective from birth. Simple as! Anyways. I now want to know what makes you give certain men a big fat NO?  

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