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Jacket & Top by Acne, Jeans by The Black Orchid, Boots by Won Hundred and Necklace by River Island.

Good Morning lovelies! It’s Wednesday already! My favorite day of the week and already I’ve done 18 km on the treadmill and I’m ready for another session. I feel I have been a bit retarded lately. Do you remember the giveaway? I managed NOT to include the US or European sizing so the lucky winner, Essentjewels, did not fit the heels. How can I assume the entire world is British? I don’t know. But I just did. I’m so sorry for being such a retard and I hope you can forgive me!

Anyways you guys. I know that the start of July is a bit of a weird time to make lifestyle changes. However, I’ve decided to make one! From now on I am on a low card diet. For me this will mean no bread, rice, pasta, sugar and all of the other easy carbohydrates. I’ll tell you more about what you can & cannot eat on such a diet and include my first receipt tomorrow! Stay tuned! Have a good Tuesday!

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