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Bikini by H&M.

Good Morning! These photos were taken a while back here in London when the weather was awesome! Miss those days. Weather prediction for today: Thunder & Storm! Not Ideal! One of the great things about London for me is that I literally live 1 minute away from Hyde Park and 15 min from Regent’s Park. I L.O.V.E the park life during the weekend! Anyhow. Something random happened last night. I ran into one of my good friends from Boarding School in Norway. It was SO weird. She knows I live here, but she thought I had gone home to Norway for the summer holiday, so she didn’t contact me. I simply walked into a random pub on my street last night and there she was! SO RANDOM! Anyhow! Tonight I’m going for a party with her and I’m very excited as I haven’t seen her in a year! She’s hilarious so this will be fun! Have a lovely Thursday all!

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