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Good Morning guys! How are you? I’m excited and far from ready for the Cambridge Ball this evening! I need to pick up my dress from the dry cleaners, paint my nails, fix my hair & face…Oh and if that wasn’t enough my hair straightener decided to fail on me LAST night! No worries though. Just borrowing a housemates one! Anyways. I`m now going to go through all the lovely answers on the giveaway post and pick one lucky winner! In the meantime I was wondering if you could possibly do me a favor? You see. I found out yesterday that Cosmopolitan has, together with Next, opened up for nominations of Next Newcomer Blog Award. And yes, I’m asking, if you like my blog, if you could possibly nominate me. All you have to fill out is the information underneath:

To fill this out and nominate me or any other of your favorite blogs click HERE. The nominations are open until the 30th of June. You can also nominate me for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 as Best New Fashion Blogger. It’s very simple all you have to fill in what is show underneath:

If you want to nominate me for Cosmopolitan Blog Award click HERE.

I would love you guys so much if you could do this quick favor for me. Please? With Sugar on top? I don’t mean to be a nag, but I’d like to see if I even have a chance to become bigger in this blogworld! Anyways. Have a lovely Monday!