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Necklace by H&M

Hey guys! Today we’ve taken the ferry from Nesso to Menaggio and then to Bellagio. The cities here are absolutely stunning! I L.O.V.E it! I want an apartment here. NOW! Anyways. Found this necklace at H&M a couple of weeks back and I love it. I love how it is chunky and just a little bit too much! Exactly like me (except the chunky bit I hope!). Tomorrow we are going to this fantastic restaurant in Bellagio called Mistral. I have definite regrets about not packing either of my Louboutins’ now as you C.A.N.N.O.T go wrong wearing a pair of those in a posh place! Oh well! I’m sure I’ll figure something out! I hope you’re having a lovely week – holiday or not!

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