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….that is seriously the question I am asking myself again and again this evening! I am currently packing for Italy as I always take forever packing, total girly-girl thing to do, but hey, my boyfriend jeans make up for it right?! Even if it doesn’t I will justify it in that way. Anyway. Moving on. So today at work I found myself less busy than usual and I had finished all my work early so I decided to be cheeky and sneak out. (I also needed to get to the tailor’s as I am having a Chanel Suit tailored, I L.O.V.E it, will show you as soon as it’s done!) So I pack my things and manage to escape all the way to the elavators. Guess who comes out of the elevator that I am standing in front of….drumroll pleasahhhhh….my boss! O.H J.O.Y! Thankfully, he just smiled at me secretly thinking “cheeky bitch”, but oh well! It all worked well until I got to the elevator. Note to self. Next time you want to sneak out: use stairs!

…..and this is what my suitcase looks like so far. Hopefully there will be some further improvement over the weekend. At least it’s a start. Haven’t even began with the most difficult part yet: Shoes! I will potentially persuade my boyfriend to bring a bigger bag so that I can have more space. He will think I’m silly, but he already does, so, no matter! Anyways. Now I’m going to head back to watching friends. Is it sad that I literally love spending my evenings in bed, alone, with a cup of tea watching friends?! I don’t care. I enjoy it! Have a great evening guys and know that you’re not sad if you, like me, lie in bed watching friends!