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Romance & Red...

Happy Wednesday! How good is this?! We have had Monday and Tuesday off work and suddenly jumped into my favorite day of the week! I just had to make a collage to this photo as I think it’s so cute! Isn’t it? This weekend I will yet again have visitors from Norway; my brother & father! It’s my brother’s first time in London so it will be exciting to see if he likes it! When they leave, on Monday morning, me and Nigel are heading towards Italy & Milan & everything good in the world! C.A.N.N.O.T wait! I have so many good outfits that I’m ready to share with you guys! I just haven’t had the time/the weather to portray them, but in Italy I finally will! I’m so excited! Tonight I reckon I will just chill in bed watching friends! Tomorrow I need to pack as I won’t be able to do that all weekend! I L.O.V.E packing for such trips! Have a good one guys!