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Morning guys! I wanted to write you a hundred, but I was just so bloody brain dead after 98 that I decided – let’s call it 98! Anyways! Hope you like it!

1. My hand writing is appalling – worse than any girl I know.
2. I can’t draw to save a life.
3. My favorite dessert is raspberries & cream.
4. My favorite designer is Christian Dior.
5. I A.D.O.R.E friends on a rainy day. Or on any day!
6. I want to own my own company.
7. I don’t like wearing watches.
8. I despise tomato.
9. I don’t drink wine, beer or champagne.
10. I always get too drunk!
11. I love the gym – especially the treadmill – can’t stand weights.
12. I hate spending money on phones so I still have my mum’s old Nokia.
13. I damage every kind of technological equipment you give me!
14. I adore, adore, adore, adore fireworks!
15. I love weddings.
16. I feel the sexiest when wearing Louboutin heels.
17. I love crispy duck pancakes!
18. My birthday is the 12 of November.
19. I am extremely stubborn and persistent.
20. I am a an extremely bad liar.
21. I love romantic films – one of my favorites is Pride and Prejudice.
22. I love piano music.
23. I hate shaving my legs.
24. I am good at keeping secrets.
25. I was an exchange student student in Holland.
26. I love London.
27. I don’t wear make up in everyday life (only for photos).
28. I don’t fix my hair in everyday life (only for photos).
29. I do not in any way act proper – fortunately.
30. I dislike Cadbury chocolate.
31. I make amazing Salmon en Croute.
32. I am not big on Chips.
33. I never go to McDonald’s.
34. One Christmas i made 12 knitted hats as Christmas presents for friends and family with their initials on them.
35. My favorite film of all time is Julie & Julia.
36. I can’t handle being tickled.
37. I am 8233 days old.
38. I am extremely loud!!!
39. I only have 4 pairs of flat shoes and……30+ heels.
40. I L.O.V.E heels.
41. I love SPA.
42. I hate brushing my teeth or watching other people brush theirs – my boyfriend often chases me whilst he is brushing his to piss me off. Annoying man!
43. I L.O.V.E love and its power.
44. My full name is Guro Stuan.
45. I wanted to be a psychologist, buuut I am too impatient.
46. I am a feminist.
47. I would never date anyone who is a smoker or who wears golden chains….oh and socks in sandals. I mean seriously. Seriously?!?!
48. I have tiny feet – smallest shoes I have are size 1.5 UK size.
49. I am an atheist.
50. I’m a people person – me and technology are not friends.
51. I can’t stand to watch any of the SAW films – it’s scary!
52. I never chew gum.
53. I consider tattoos a dealbreaker.
54. Before I started dating my boyfriend I got him to remove his eyebrow piercing because I told him I could never get serious with him unless he did.
55. I have a brother.
56. My ideal honeymoon consist of firstly taking the Orient Express from Venice to Paris and then spending a week in the Maldives – Now THAT would be something!
57. I am a dreamer.
58. I LOVE to plan. LOVE IT! I can sometimes get grumpy if things don’t go according to my plans. Then my boyfriend simply refers to me as “the grumpus”!
59. I love Cream, Cream, Cream and some more Cream. Recently I was told that cream is bad for you and that you cannot burn it off with normal exercise. I simply ignored that comment.
60. I used to sing in school performances. I miss it!
61. I hate it when men don’t put the toilet seat down! HATE IT! YOU HEAR ME BOYS?!?!?!??
62. My favorite lunch place in Bath is Sam’s kitchen! L.O.V.E that place !
63. I am a dog person. Cat’s tend to bore me.
64. I am going on exchange to Rikkyo University in Tokyo in the fall!
65. I despise cheating – It’s completely unnecessary.
66. Like every other girl on this globe I WANT a walk in closet. WANT IT!
67. I hate soaps such as Days of our lives – They just drag on and drag on and draaaaaag on! I like efficiency and progress!
68. I have a fear of heights. Which also leads to me hating to ski downhill. It’s too scary for me! I do much better at cross country.
69. I like spending time in my own company.
70. I need a man who will challenge me.
71. Ice Tea Peach is my favorite hangover cure.
72. I have read all the Harry Potter books.
73. My favorite store in the world is called Reciproque and it lies in Paris.
74. I love the rain as an excuse to sit inside and drink hot coco!
75. My dream job is to be a wedding planner!
76. My favorite actresses are Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts – I can’t choose which one I like more!
77. I H.A.T.E watching sport on TV. I think it is SUCH a waste of my life!
78. I am impatient.
79. I have recently developed a love for Chinese and Thai food.
80. I have a wealth of useless information stored in my brain.
81. I love to talk bullshit. In fact. It is my favorite kind of talk!
82. My favorite vegetable is spinach.
83. I can’t drink black coffee – only heavily sugared and milked!
84. My Norwegian home is bright, airy and wonderful! I L.O.V.E it!
85. I am probably the world’s most difficult person to take to any pub – I’ll say if they don’t have Elderflower then Gingerbeer, if no Gingerbeer then Appletiser, If not Appletiser then….ehhhh……water! Seriously! N.O.T kidding!
86. I LOVE sheer underwear, see through tops..oohhh that reminds me! Need to go underwear shopping before I leave for Italy in a week!
87. I don’t like Cola in a can, I prefer glass! Oh and don’t forget the lemon!
88. When you hand me a menu I look at desserts first, then mains and then starters! The most important part of the meal comes first! Of Course!
89. I L.O.V.E fresh flowers!
90. I HATE to fly with Ryanair! It’s like I’m a sheep in a herd and I do NOT enjoy being a sheep!
91. I have decided I’m going to buy a Celine bag and rebuy my Chanel and that’s it folks for year 2012 of bag purchases!
92. I hate wasting money on random things – I’d rather buy a very expensive bag than tons of bags. It’s all about quality!
93. Out of all of my friend’s – I’m the one who is by far the most obsessed with fashion!
94. I really should read more! Really should!
95. The first thing I do when I come back to England is to drink Elderflower. A.L.W.A.Y.S!
96. I always wear heels when I travel! L.O.V.E it!
97. My favorite coffee chain in England is Cafe Nero – I especially love their caramel latte with cream!
98. Did I mention that I love cream?

Now I’d like to know your random facts!