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As I said earlier had an amazing weekend (as always!). After I went out on Friday I felt raaaather rough. As you do! However, it did improve when we went over to one of our mates houses to a cooked brunch with blueberry pancakes for dessert! L.O.V.E.L.Y! Then we spent the rest of the day walking around and ended up in Regent’s Park. In the evening I got takeaway Chinese from my favorite place Pearl Liang with my boyfriend. We watched some of the Eurovision song contest, not a lot, got easily bored and decided to watch 21 Jump Street instead. That was hilarious! Recommended! On Sunday Morning I ran the Race For Life 5 K in Hyde Park with one of my friends from work. Here are some snaps from the race….

{Before The Race}

{The Crowds – About 10 000 people}

{Runners guided towards the start}



{Me & Kate after run}

After the run I went home, had a quick shower and went out again! Spent the rest of the day in the park! I’ll show you those photos later! If you live in London I would definitely recommend the race for life! Even if you don’t take it seriously it’s a lot of fun! Lots of love from me on this Monday! Now I’m going to lie down. And continue to lie until I feel refreshed!