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Trousers by Topshop (get them here), Shirt by Acne (get it here), Leather Jacket by Mango (get it here), Scarf by Zara, Shades by Ray Ban, Clutch by Marlene Birger and Boots by Acne (get them here).

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday! Awesome day! My favorite day! Today it is only two more days until the weekend. Plus my boyfriend is coming over tonight so that we can cook and have great food. However, we are both a little bit ill so I reckon we will only do a pizza or something easy and then chill! Sounds GOOD to me! This weekend will be fun as I am going on the step-by-step wedding planning course.It’s going to be exciting to see if this is truly what I want to do. I think it will be a good match for me, but you never know do you! What are you guys up to this weekend?