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Dear Chocolates & Raspberries readers!

Please allow me to introduce myself as how I am known among my friends, I am know as The Gribbler! You might wonder what on earth that means. Well actually, the name came from a friend of mine (who you might have seen commenting like a ludacris in my “In the Mist” post) who I worked with during my previous placement. He decided my name simply wasn’t appropriate for me so it went from Guro to Gruro to Griro to finally The Gribbler! Now you might wonder what this nickname of mine mean’s…Well…take a look at the perception the urbandictionary had…

1. A Gribbler is….

{Happy Gribbler}

a person who is too intoxicated by drugs to properly function in society. symptoms can be the inabilty to hold a basic conversation, or to sit still for a prelonged amount of time. adj. gribbled

– by six in the morning he was a total gribbler he was gribbled off his tits

2. A Gribbler is….

{The Gribbler does NOT enjoy beer}

A female and i use the term lightly, that is so repulsive u’d probably rather eat a leprosy victim at the end of their disease.

– Oh my god Wozza, can’t believe you went with that Gribbler last nite, what is the matter with you?

– Holy shit she’s a Gribler.

3. A Gribbler is…

{My girlfriends decided to pose in my clothes for my Christmas present back in 2008. I had horrible fashion sense. Simple as!}

A particularly smelly breed of crusty hippy / new age drop out. Defined by long dread locks and hemp clothes.

– ‘eurgh it smells like gribblers in here’

I am SO lucky to have that nickname don’t I? Ahhh well! I must admit, the meanings are rather hilarious. That is my nickname, what is yours?


{Source Urban Dictionary}