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I’m not sure if i have told you that I am going to the Cambridge Ball at the 19th of June, but I am! Therefore I was in desperate need of a gorgeous summer maxi dress and I found the perfect one at Atelier Mayer. Ever since, I think this has been my favorite vintage boutique in London.

Firstly, because they provide excellent service and the staff is so helpful and lovely (far, far above average of any boutique I have ever been to!). Secondly, they have a very refined selection of leather goods, shoes and dresses and I can assure you that if you, like me, buy a dress to go to a ball, nobody will have the same as you! This is my dream dress, but the price tag of £2 400 is too steep….

However, not all the dresses come with a ludicrous price tag. You may also find more reasonable one, such as mine which I bought for £330! Atelier-Mayer also has an the possibility of online shopping, however, I would not recommend this as the sizes vary very much. My dress was originally a size 10, however, their fantastic seamstress was able to tailor it to perfectly fit me!

So, whenever you are in London you should definitely pop by! While you are at it, you can have a look at The Dresser and eat at Cocomaya because it all lies on the same street. The. Perfect. Street. In. London! Have fun!