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Good Morning! Another workweek has arrived. However, this week I am only working until thursday because I leave for Sweeden early friday! It’s going to be tons of fun! I thought I would show you my weekend in Sevenoaks. It began with the Sevenoaks Market….

{At the market I bought….drumroll please….a red velvet cupcake!}

{So gooooooood!}

{I also bought a new eyepatch}

{Then the pasta making began}

{Pasta Machine}

{Shape to make Ravioli}

{Ravioli in process…..}

{Close them and boil for 10 minutes}

{But don’t forget the Italian accessories….}

{Tomato & Mozzarella}

On sunday we simply went to the pub, watched a film and I had too many after eights. Classic! Let me know if how it goes if you barge on the task of making homemade pasta! Good luck! Enjoy your meal!