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Good morning everyone! It’s thursday, the day before friday, also known as the day before I am going to be whisked away by my boyfriend to a mystery location to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. So, here’s what I know. I am going to leave the country with the eurostar and the weather at the destination will be mixed rain and sun with 10-15 degrees. Problem is, all the places the eurostar goes to directly from London has approximately that weather prediction, but none of them match up exactly! So annoying. And when I asked my boyfriend about it he was like, yes of course Guro, I know you well enough to know that you were going to look that up. Such an annoying man! Anyways. These photos were taken on the roof of my next door building in London. One could also say that I am risking my life here to give you some good shots….

Leather Trousers by MET, Jacket by Zara (get it here), Boots by Acne (get them here) and Shirt by Zara.

So what are your plans for today? Mine is simply packing, preparing, washing and generally do boring practical stuff! But it’s a thursday, soon weekend, let’s make it a good one! Also. I made facebook fanpage yesterday as you can see and I would appreciate it if you would like it! That’s all folks! Happy thursday!