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Shorts by H&M Conscious Collection, Top by Zara (get it here), Long Shirt by Adam Lippes, Wedges by Asos (get them here) and Bag by Michael Kors (get similar here).

Good Morning! How are you? Today I am going to go for a long run! Has been a while since I properly pushed myself in my gymming routine and today is the day to do so. It’s currently raining in London, perfect weather to stay inside and work and today that is exactly what I am aiming to do! Me and my boyfriend are currently in the process of booking a summer house in Italy in June. We are simply going to rent a car, an apartment and lie on the beach or visit the many lovely small towns in Lombardy (the italian lakes) in Italy. It sounds so cosy! What are you doing this summer? Or more importantly where are you going?