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On Saturday I went to Portobello Road Market which was absolutely fantastic, as always. If you come to London you must (!!) visit this charming market. Also, the weather is completely crazy here in England these days, two weeks ago I could be wearing shorts, now on the other hand, i’m about to bring out my winter coat! Here is a peek of saturday afternoon…

{Lovely Flower Market}

{Beautiful Roses for £10}

{Summer’s on its way}

{Wonderful Bread and Pie Selection}

{Cold Weather}

{My Favourite Pinko Leather Jacket}

This week I have absolutely nothing planned except that Nigel is whisking me away this weekend (!!). He still has not told me where we are going and he is as stubborn as me so I don’t think I will know until we are there. Oh Well! I do love suprises! What are you doing? Anything fun?