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On Both Thumbs and Index Fingers – Topshop Metallic Nails In Heart Of Gold. On All Other Fingers – Depend nr. 39. On Pinky Fingers – Deborah Lippman I Love The Nightlife.

Good Morning! How are you today? I’m so tired and do not feel up for another workweek, however, I have to because I have overspent on clothes recently and having a job is very good for my economy! I had such a great weekend! I went out on friday and I had so much fun! Then on saturday me and my boyfriend went to Portobello Road Market, watched the Grand National, had awesome Chinese and went to the IMAX to see The Wrath of The Titans. Horrible film, total waste of 1.5 hours of my life, however, the IMAX is awesome and only £11.50 for a student! On Sunday I went shopping (Zara’s SS12 is irresistable to me at the moment) and had amazing Thai Food before watching Take Me Out over ice cream. Overall. A Great Weekend! How was yours?