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What are you evening plans? Fancy watching a film? If you do then I would like to share with you one my favourites: Catch Me If You Can! The movie is a 2002 American Biographical Drama film based on the life of Frank Abignale Jr., who successfully performed cons worth millions of dollars before his 19th birthday! Personally, I am not pro conners in anyway, but I must say, that is impressive!

He managed to get away with it by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana parish prosecutor. His primary crime was check fraud and he become so skillful that the FBI turned to him to help in catching other check forgers!

{Mr Abignale cleverly using the ladies to distract the police}

The film is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Abignale and Tom Hanks as Hanratty (the policeman who eventually catches him). On top of this it includes one of my favourite all time songs: Frank Sinatra – Come Fly With Me! Enjoy the film everybody! I am going out for dinner and then I am going to watch The Rock of Ages Musical! Have a great evening!