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Good morning everybody! Feeling fresh? I hope so! So I thought I would start off the day by sharing the photos of me and my dad running through the streets of New York! If anybody had any doubt about whether or not I was telling the truth (I know I don’t really look like a marathon runner kind of girl!), you may now see proof of both my medal and my running! The most magical feeling during this race was when we ran out of Central ParkΒ on to 7th avenue and through time square. That was honestly magnificent! We had the whole square to ourselves, such a novelty!

I would definitely recommend running a half marathon, a marathon or any kind of race which would be a challenge to you. It’s so rewarding when you have crossed the finish line and know you have given it your best shot! Not so nice the days after when you can’t walk properly, but, no pain, no gain! Enjoy your day everybody no matter if you are running, swimming or relaxing in a sunbed!