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On both Index and Pinky fingers – 853 Dior Massai Red. On all other fingers – 987 Dior Mystic Violine.  

Good morning everyone! How are you? Are all of you from the UK aware that this is a 4 day week?! And that next week as well will be a 4 day week?! Great times right? It’s easter everybody! So, what are your plans? Going home? Going to a party? Going to a cabin in Norway with your entire family? Well, I am going to do the latter and I am very excited! This week is going to be just relaxing, relaxing, relaxing until thursday when I am going for dinner and seeing The Rock of Ages Musical. Then I need to get up at 5 or something ludacrious to make the flight to Norway on friday morning! No matter, my boyfriend and I will have breakfast at the airport and I will look for a new pair of sunglasses. What are you guys up to?