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First apply on all fingers – Chanel 511 Pearl Drop. Afterwards make a round circle, on the middle of all the fingers – Chanel 513 Black Pearl. Then in the middle of this circle (with a very steady hand) – Chanel 461 Blue Satin. Finally make the eyelines and the eyelashes with Chanel Black Liquid Eyeliner. If you want to make the nail polish last even longer, it is also wise to put a transparent layer on top!

Meet my lovely friend Chi (or at least her fingernails). She came home with these nails last week and she has received mixed reviews; I personally love it, however, some of her friends consider it to be “creepy”. Oh well! We can’t always agree! So how is everybody? Tired? Join the club! Had a lovely weekend? I hope you did! Mine started on friday (as weekend’s tend to do!) with work drinks. When I came back after those, it turned out that my entire house had been drinking so we simply continued with tequila shots (without lime, lemon or salt). This should have given me a lovely hangover the next day, but luckily, it did not! So on saturday I went shopping with my girlfriends, before I went out for drinks. The drinks moved on to a party, but I decided not to go, very unlike me! And then on sunday I had a lovely walk in Hyde Park in the beautiful weather and I watched The Hunger Games. I know this is a “Must-See” film, however, I find the whole concept horrible. I have seen The Condemned before, which has exactly the same concept, but with criminals who are already sentenced to death. I thought that was fine as they are criminals and they were all going to die anyway, but innocent children? Not my cup of tea! Oh well! You should definitely go and see it and tell me what you think! Have a lovely day everybody!