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Hello everyone! Here is my New York Miniguide! When reading this please bear in mind that it was my first time in New York so I may not have discovered all the hidden spots just yet, but here’s a couple of things I would definitely recommend to those who are visiting for the first time! Happy reading!

Places to Stay

Hudson Hotel

We stayed at Hudson Hotel located in midtown, just steps from Central Park, Columbus Circle and the theatre district. Hudson is a brilliant reflection of the boldness and diversity of the city; it is stylish, young and contemporary. When you enter through the main doors, there is a luminous glass tunnel housing an escalator that transports you – literally – into a dreamy world! I would by all means recommend this hotel, it has a great location, service and is stylishly quirky!

Places to Eat


Lombardi’s offers amazing thin crust pizza’s for a cheap buck in Little Italy! I would give you one warning though, the portions are huge, definitely american size. You may easily share one large pizza between two. Besides that it is great value for money, swift service and overall a great meal!

Épicerie Boulud

Epicerie Boulud is a eat-in and take-out market place located at the southeast corner of Broadway and 64th Street, only minutes away from Hudson Hotel! This fabulous little space offers soups, salads, made to order sandwiches, breads, pastries and more. It is also the only place in New York I found Elderflower pressé, which I am madly addicted to. I definitely recommend having a quick lunch here and then visit one of the Century 21 branches which is located nearby!

Jean Georges

Jean Georges, the restaurant named after the extraordinary chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is one of New York`s finest with 3 Michelin stars. Prepare to be open-mouthed whenever you’re not chewing as nothing you encounter will fail to awe from the simplest to the most complex dishes! However, be aware with great quality also comes a great price, so this restaurant is better intended for great occasions (such as after completing the New York Half Marathon).


Places to Shop

Centrury 21

Century 21 has two fantastic warehouses filled with brands for less! However, be aware that this is a time consuming shopping spot, it’s like a zoo for clothes, you need to look through a lot to find some hidden treasures! Good luck!

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Comes Around Goes Around offers a very refined selection of great pieces! Even though it offers Vintage (which some of you may read as “second-hand” or cheaper than usual) it is not inexpensive. This is a high-end boutique with many hidden treasures, however, be prepared to pay for the fine materials and sequins.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is a world-famous department store filled with fantastic designers and limited editions, often only limited to Saks. This is a “must-see” in New York even if you are not interested in buying anything!


Things to Do

Classic Tourist Attractions

This is obviously boring news for all New Yorkers, however, for us mere mortals who do not live in this gorgeous city visiting the Stature of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State, The United Nations Building and much more is a must! These are taken from my visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, you may find photos of the other attractions here.

Madison Square Garden

I went to a boxing match, but the possibilities are endless for entertainment at Madison Square Garden.

I hope you have enjoyed my New York Miniguide and that you will find this useful if you go to New York in the future. Have a fantastic trip!