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Trousers by Whistles, Shirt & Belt by Zara, Heels by Christian Louboutin and Bag by Chanel (Vintage).

Good afternoon! Please tell me you will go to the cinema and see This Means War tonight! Please tell me you will! I saw it yesterday and it was brilliant! I was cracking up bigtime from start til end! Highly recommended! I also had a huge bag of sweets which made the film even better! So my tip for you is to go and see This Means War with a huge bag of sweets! So thats your plans for this evening. Mine? Oh, as usual, how lovely of you to ask! Tomorrow I am going to New York (!!!), however I have not started packing yet (Silly Guro). So I’ll have to pack and plan outfits tonight! On top of that, my boyfriend is coming over to cook for me (he’s a brilliant cook!) so it should be a very good evening! Im excited! Enjoy the cinema!