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….sounds familar? Yes, You’re right, that is the sound of the Cell Block Tango from Chicago! That song, among many others, were performed last Saturday when I visited the Garrick Theatre to see the show in London! It was brilliant! Fun, Sexy, Flirty….everything you would like from an evening of entertainment! For those of you who are new to Chicago, the storyline follows….

Roxie Hart who is in prison for murdering her lover and trying to blame her hopeless husband! Here she meets Velma Kelly, a headline star and a murderess. The two characters team up to form a nightclub act, which will hopefully keep them in the public eye. Desperate for fame and fortune the women enlist the help of sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn. Both women will be hanged for their crimes if they lose their cases and are prepared to go any lengths to escape execution…..

For more information and tickets vist here. Have a great evening!