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On both Index and Pinky Fingers – Dior 108 Ivory. On all other Fingers – Dior 386 Pink Aristocat.

Good Morning! This has been a very busy weekend which will be followed by a very relaxing week until I go to New York on friday. So far I have no plans this week apart from watching This Means War. Should be good, I love going to the cinema! My weekend properly kicked off on Saturday morning with Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Montcalm. Then I went to London aquarium where I saw Sharks and little Nemo fishes. Very nice! Very touristic though so I would advise not going on a saturday, other than that it was good! Then we went for dinner ar Boyd’s Brasserie which offers British Tapas, another wonderful dining experience! The day finished with the Chicago musical which is also highly recommended! Overall, I would call that a very fun day out! Sunday was spent having a lazy birthday lunch with my cousin, preparing blogging material for this week and having a very large lovely roast dinner with friends! This has been a very eventful and very lovely weekend! I hope that yours have been just as good!