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Blazer by Armani Exchange, Dress by Zara, Clutch by Prada, Rings by Topshop and Heels by Prada.

Good morning everyone! My dear colleagues Kate & Adam have done it again! They continue to crave sweets for these photoshoots. Shall I continue to give? Anyhow. I have some exciting news for you! In a week and a bit I am going to New York! My dad and I are going to run the NYC half marathon as well as parade the city, go to nice restaurants and do whatever else New Yorkers tend to do! I am very excited! I am also going shopping (obviously visiting Saks Fifth Avenue), however, I would also love to do some vintage shopping whilst I’m there. I know I will visit Centry 21, however, if you know of any other good boutiques please do tell! My evening will be spent preparing for the streets of New York with Sex and the City! Have a lovely evening!