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On both thumb and Index Fingers – Rimmel 805 Grey Matter. On both middle and ring fingers – Rimmel 510 Euphoria. On both pinky fingers – Rimmel 210 Etheral.

Good morning everyone! Had a good weekend? ….Me? Oh how lovely of you to ask! Well, my weekend kicked off with drinks at the Longacre, located only 10 metres from Leicester Square Tube Station. We kept buying jugs of Long Island Ice Tea which obviously had its effect on my shape the next day! However, it was so much fun. No pain, no gain! The next day I went shopping and discovered Browns Fashion for the first time of my life. I know what you are thinking, how can I seriously care about fashion if I have never been to Browns?! Fair enough. Very, very, very bad from me. Anyhow, went there, wanted to buy it all, however, unless you are married to an Oil Sheik, your mom or dad is an Oil Sheik, or you know an Oil Sheik who truly adores you, it will be difficult to buy multiple items. Oh well! Maybe I can save until I am 40 and go on a massive shopping spree! On sunday I had a lovely breakfast at Soho Brasserie (tell you more later) and watched the Sound of Music. All in all another lovely weekend! Do you have any good weekend stories? Please do tell!