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Top & Trousers by Zara, Shoes by Christian Dior and Hat by Asos.

Good afternoon everyone! Today is a good day, not only is it friday (my favourite day of the week) is it also the day I get to look for a pair of £500 shoes which I will get for free! Yup, that’s right: Free! You see my boyfriend and I made a bet about our exam results that if I would get above a certain percentage he would buy me any pair of shoes up to £500, roles reversed I would buy him any musical instrument up to £500. As you probably have guessed by now, I won! Which means, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Another wonderful pair to add to my collection! Happy times! Yesterday I went to Westfield to look for a beautiful pair of shoes and to watch “The Vow” with a friend. It was a great film! I recommend it to anyone who loves a romantic comedy! Today I am going for a long run, having a long lunch and having cocktails with a friend in the evening! Should be a great day followed by a wonderful weekend! Oh and, if you are wondering about why I have this silly little title, it all started with snake and just escalated from there! Have a lovely friday!