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Metallic Blazer by Zara, Trousers by The Black Orchid, Top by Asos, Shoes by French Connection and clutch by Marlene Birger.

What do you do in London on a lazy sunday when the spring sun is shining? You go to Hyde Park! At least that’s what I do. It is so beautiful in the spring. Everything is coming to life again and it is the season of hope and joy. After walking around for a bit, we sat down at Lido Cafe by the Serpentine Lake and enjoyed the view over a Mocha and a piece of fudge cake. Then we headed for the shops as I wanted to buy some homeware for my new cosy room. I bought…..drumroll please…….nothing! Very unlike me! The only thing I truly wanted was clothing hangers, unfortunately I am just as choosy when it comes to that as I am with everything else in life! However, I did later on in Waitrose buy a flower! I love flowers, however, I have a track record for letting everything alive around me simply wither down and die. Not good. In an attempt to break this vicious circle I will prove my boyfriend (and everyone else) wrong! I will keep it alive! I will keep you posted!