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On both Pinky and Index Fingers – Deborah Lippman I Love the Nightlife. On all Fingers except Pinky Fingers – Depend nr. 39. On all Fingers – Chanel Top Coat.

Good Morning and Good Monday! How is everyone? Tired? Thought so. Another week. Yet another week. Oh well. Let’s make it a good one! Yesterday the weather was gorgeous in London so I went to Hyde Park followed by a lunch at Ottolenghi (will tell you more later) and dessert at Christian Louboutin. I am buying a new pair and I am so excited! Today I am going for a long run, meet friends at happy hour and then go for a play at Soho Theatre called “My Stories Your Emails“. The play is a one woman show, should be interesting as I have never been to anything like that before! Might be a bit weird, but I’m positive it will be fun! I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you’re ready for another week!