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On both Index Fingers – Topshop Metallic Nails in Heart of Gold. On Other Fingers – Betty Jackson Black’s Pretty Pink. On All Fingers – Chanel Top Coat.

I love strong colours and gold together so I thought I would go with strong pink as a preparation for this year’s Valentines day. I find that people are so split in their opinions about this day, this mostly, however not always, has a correlation with wether the person is in a relationship or not. I am. Therefore it is a day for Excitement, Love, Flowers, Dinner and Cholocolates. And I love All of the Above! Well, it wouldn’t hurt if shoes were a part of the equation as well, but one can’t win ’em all! This week I am still currently a hobo, a.k.a. a homeless person, however soon to be ex-hobo. Next Monday! Can.Not.Wait! I wish you all a happy Valentines day and I hope that you, unlike me, have a home!