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Leather Jacket by Mango, Top by Silence + Noise, Leather Trousers by MET, Shoes by Topshop, Ring by YSL.

It is extremely cold here in England! I know as a Norwegian I should hardly complain about cold weather and be completely used to it. Here’s a note to all of you who believe this: One does NOT get used to cold weather!!! It doesn’t work that way. I hate the cold just as much as anyone else does. Moreover, I left Norway to study in England so I would avoid the bloody cold, but the weather gods wont let me! Oh Well! It will change shortly, in the meantime it is amusing watching the english fear ice, snow and cold as a national threat! They should go to Norway! Other than the cold, life is very busy at the moment. New job, new flat and, if I know myself correctly, new clothes soon!