Apologies. The past month I have been in exile, my real life has been replaced by books about marketing, statistics and leadership theories. Thereafter spending hours in this room….

As interesting as I find my course, I much say that I never enjoy the stressful exam period. Life is like this…..

….with a boyfriend. And Yes. When you are exhausted 10 min in a bus IS a long commute. Exam period consists of working hard in order to do one thing at the end: PARTY. However, once you finally finish, you are either too tired to enjoy the party properly or you become too drunk. I have been both. All in all you could say that I would like to erase the memory of that month from my brain. However. NOW. Luckily. I have my life back. It is currently spent preparing to move to London and start working within the consultancy firm IMS Health. Hope you have had a better month than me!